WooCommerce Purchase Order(WooPO) will assist you in managing your Purchase Order with ease, You can see Low Stock, Zero level stocks and quick mark this and generate PO right away with few clicks. Generate PO PDF, Option to send PO Email to Vendor from backend.
Plug-in also helps in knowing last Purchase Vendor name and last Price history to help you know with what price this was purchased last time and decide the right price.

After PO is generated you can make Goods Received entry (Purchase Entry)

WC Stock Update
WooPO has an option to update the WooCommerce stock upon making Goods Receipt/Purchase Entry this will automatically update the respective stock quantity for a Product

PO Reports
WooPO also offers various reports like PO List, Pending PO, Overdue PO Stock Report with ability to generate PO right from there

Version Supported:

WordPress – 3.0 To 5.0.3
WooCommerce – 2.1.10 To 3.5.3


  • PO Generation, Previous Purchase (History) Price Lookup
  • Basic Vendor Details, Generate PO PDF, Send PO PDF by Email to Vendor
  • Goods Receipt/Purchase Invoice Entry
  • WooCommerce Stock Update
  • PO List, Pending PO Report, Product wise Pendign PO, Vendor wise Pending
  • PO,PO Over Due
  • Purchase List
  • Option to Generate PO from Stock Report

Click here for user guidance: https://woochamps.com/woocommerce-purchase-orderwoopo-user-guidance/