• What is the range of e-commerce tasks that WooChamps can do for me?

    WooChamps will start work from your plugin development/customization, management, SEO till security. Everything you need for your e-commerce store, our expert team will handle it for you.

  • Will your team guide me on using Woocommerce?

    Definitely, we will provide you detail direction of how to use woocommerce. Team will provide you support on skype, email.

  • Do I need any third party COG plug-in for COG reporting to work or it will work without it?

    There is no need for any additional COG plug-in as this is inbuilt in the plug-in, the total stock value is calculated based on Cost Rate as defined in WooCommerce Product.Ultimate report adding Cost of Goods Field in WooCommerce product to set the COG.

  • Where I could set cost of goods, to evaluate profits?

    Firstly you will need to enable COG functionality from plug-ins Settings page. For that:

    1. Click on Settings from left menu under “Ultimate Reports” section and then check for “Products Cost of Goods” section on Settings page.
    2. Then select Enable Cost of Goods, Enable Reporting, and Enable Dashboard Summary and Enable Reporting Set Cogs check boxes in order to enable COG and its reporting functionality.
    3. Once this is enabled you will then be able to enter cost rate of product.
  • How do I add custom fields in reporting? I want to add taxonomies and other custom fields I have?

    Presently this functionality is not in-built in plug-in but if require we can customize plug-in to add this functionality on request.

  • Can I find a way to give a permission for accessing reports “user role” wise?

    Yes, we have Report page Permission functionality where admin can set the user role wise report view permission.

  • Can we input multiple email address for the automated reporting?

    Yes, you can add comma separated email addresses for automated reporting from plug-ins Settings page.

  • Can I hide and/or move the widgets on dashboard page?

    In report setting page there is an option to enable/disable the widgets on dashboard. You can only disable sections rather than removing them completely.

  • Does this plug-in compatible with PHP 7.1?

    Yes, this plug-in is compatible with PHP 7.1

  • How the profit / loss / margin are calculated on products?

    We are calculating Profit on all products as per below calculations:

    Profit= Sale Price – Cost Price

    Margin= Sale Price – COGs /100

  • Can I hire you for my custom hours?

    Yes, you will custom hour’s charges will provide you before work gets started. If work hour increase will let you know about it, and gives you detailed of extra hours.

  • When does plugins work get start? Immediate or later?

    Yes, we will start work immediately as our project discussion completed. By keeping in mind your business goal we will complete any customization or other requirement task with quality of work and on time.

  • Can I get immediate response if I have any trouble or queries on my site?

    Yes, we will respond your queries as soon as possible or it may take probably one business day.

  • Can you give estimation and budget before buying a plan?

    Yes, but first we need to understand your requirements.

  • Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

    We currently accept payments via your PayPal account, Bank Transfer.