WooCommerce Admin Columns Plugin helps you to add fields to WooCommerce Order Panel, fields like Customer Notes, Billing/Shipping Details, Order Currency etc. This information is centralized at one place for Admin’s ease of use for getting Order information on the single page.

Admin can add or remove new columns using Settings page, you can also define column names to be displayed on the page. This plug-in will work with most of the 3rd party plugins whose field details are stored in POSTMETA table

Version Supported:

WordPress – 3.0 To 5.0.3
WooCommerce – 2.1.10 To 3.5.4


  • Admin can add Custom columns to Order page.
  • Admin Can Add/Edit/Remove/Rearrange the custom column.
  • Admin can add Third-party plugins whose fields can reflected on order page.


Order Admin Columns
Order Page after Column added
Add New Column in Order Page