In order to use WooPO (Vendor Purchase Management) System follow below steps:

Purchase Order System
1) Create vendor from PO Entry page. User can change their information from WordPress users page if required.

2) Make PO entry of product which will be receive by vendor.

3) After adding PO entry user needs to click on “Received” From PO list page.

Purchase Invoice Entry
Next user will make Good Received Entry to receive actual stock.

Bulk Po Generation
User can also generate bulk PO from Stock Report page.

PO Reports

WooPO also offers various reports like PO List, Pending PO, Overdue PO Stock Report with ability to generate PO right from there Report list as follows:

  1. Purchase Report
  2. Purchase Detail Report
  3. Purchase Order Report
  4. Purchase Order Detail Report
  5. Pending Purchase Order
  6. Pending Purchase Order Detail Report
  7. Purchase Order Overdue
  8. Stock Report- Simple and Variable
  9. Stock Planner
  • Woo Inventory Stock Report

Other Features:

  1. Purchase Order Email
  2. Purchase Order Invoice (In PDF format)
  3. Previous Purchase Price Lookup: This feature will helps user to know previous purchase price of vendors.
  4. Export to CSV, Excel, PDF and Print